Cardio and Abdominal Workouts Routine Learn How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Get ready for some cardio and abdominal workouts if you are crazy about scorch body fat and get rock solid abs too. A perfect shape of a body only demands a well-maintained routine where you include proper nutrition and some essential workouts. So, if you are thinking of changing your routine and practice some useful exercise in the home then here is some idea for you.

Cardio and abdominal workouts- Cardio abs workout for men

Beside the heavy weight exercise and the equipment men can do a lot more with cardiovascular exercise if he is all aware. Here given some cardio and ab workouts for daily practice.

Best cardio for flat stomach

Here given some efficient and easy cardio exercise routine for all age of men. Have a look below.


Targeted area- upper abs, lower abs, and oblique

How to do– lay on you back on the floor and bent your keens. Now secure your leg under heavy furniture. Place your hands on your chest and raise your torso by flexing the abdominal until you’re in sitting position. Hold the position for 2/3 seconds and Beck to the previous position. Do it for 10-12 times than taking a break. Perform the sit-ups at least 3 sets daily.

Reverse crunch

Target area- lower and upper abs and Oblique.

How to do– lie to you back on the floor, keep your legs straight and hand inside. Now slowly bend your legs and bring the knees forward of your chest. Raise your shoulder as far as possible from the floor without raising your backs from the ground When your knees by your chest. Hold the position for 3 seconds then Beck to the starting position. Do this exercise for 4-6 times and take a break for 1 min. Then start over again.

Crunch and lying leg rise

Target area- upper and lower abs and oblique.

How to do– Lie flat on the floor and keep the legs straight in front of you. Place the hands on your sides and flexing the abdominals while raising the legs until they are in perpendicular to the ground. Now raise your shoulder and torso as far as possible when the bending the belly. Keep that position for 5 seconds then slowly lower your legs and then the body and shoulder on the ground. Repeat this process for 5 more times than taking a break. Do this for 6 sets or more daily.

Moreover, you can add normal crunches, toe touchers, leg rise, knee-in, etc. for both cardio and abs workouts.

Cardio and abs workout routine

Follow this cardio and abs exercise on a daily basis.

Cardio and abdominal workouts

Cardio core exercises

All the exercises given in the tables have a great impact on abs, cardio, and the core strengthening. While you are performing in the daily basis, it increases the blood circulation and supplies more oxygen to your organs. While we exercise our performance, determine that how much oxygen is going to taken by each breath. Also, it allows the lungs to absorb more oxygen and transfer to our blood stream as the organ can undertake. In

In easier way, cardiovascular fitness is the ability of your lungs and heart to supply the oxygen as fast they could and as much your tissues need for. That’s the reason behind practice this kind of regular for having stronger and healthiest body including the flat abs and strong body muscles.
Cardio and abdominal workouts put your body in a changing which may difficult for the beginning. So, pull your socks and be ready to give an athletic performance this time.

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