Best upright exercise bike under $500 Schwinn exercise bike reviews

Ever wanted a compact design indoor exercise bike? The best upright exercise bike is just the thing you are looking for. This bike helps you stabilize your muscles for a balanced weight body. They help you lead a fit, active and healthy lifestyle. It is perfect for people who have a busy schedule and want to work out between these busy schedules. It is ideal for indoor workouts.

best upright exercise bike

What is the best upright exercise bike for home?

There are a lot of affordably priced upright bikes available. The Schwinn A10 upright exercise bike is one of those bikes. It comes with some brilliant set of features at a low cost. Schwinn is a trusted and iconic brand from the USA.

It is trusted to be the best indoor upright exercise bike for both men and women.

We wanted to provide you with an in-depth Schwinn A10 upright bike review. We will go through some of the features and pros & cons of this bike. This will hopefully help you better decide, whether to buy this bike or not.

Why is it the best indoor upright exercise bike?

Are you thinking what the best indoor upright exercise bike for home is?

The Schwinn A10 upright exercise bike is one of the best. It has some decent features. These features enhance your bike exercising experience and make it the best indoor exercise bike.

The main features of Schwinn A10 upright exercise bike:

  • Big and easily readable LCD Display: No matter what position you are sitting at, the LCD display is readable from all angles.
  • Pulse monitor on the grips: The grip handles have sensors that can detect your pulse.
  • 7 preset & personalized exercise programs: It has 7 challenging exercise programs built in. You can program it with your custom and personal workout programs too.
  • 8 levels of resistance: You can control the resistance levels through the bike’s console.
  • User weight acceptance and adjustable seats: The Schwinn A10 upright exercise bike holds up to 275lbs of user weight.
  • Always make sure your leg is kept bent on the pedals at a 5/10 degree angle. Hold the handlebar as tightly as possible. This is the proper way to sit on an upright exercise bike.
  • Don’t over exert yourself. Take breaks every once in a while.
  • Who should ride the Schwinn A10 upright exercise bike?

    There are many Schwinn a10 upright bike reviews out there that might mislead or misinform you. The Schwinn A10 is mainly for beginner level exercises. The bike only weighs 55 pounds itself. We will suggest you not to pay much attention to the weight limit of 275 pounds as Schwinn as advertised. Some reason How do you pick an exercise bike.

    What we liked about this bike:

    • It has 8 levels of magnetic resistance.
    • It is very easy to assemble. The user manual it comes with gives you proper instructions to set it up.
    • It has a pretty compact size.
    • The wheels are transportable. Move and store it anywhere you want.
    • The bike is extremely quiet while pedaling.
    • It comes with built-in speakers for playing music from music players.
    • It has a water bottle holder.
    • Maintenance for the bike is very low.
    • The height of the seat is adjustable for anyone with a height of 5 to 6 feet.
    • It has 7 preset programs.
    • It has media shelf or holder for tablet PC’s, Kindles etc.

    What wasn’t so good about this bike?

    • The resistance is powered by batteries or AC adapters. So no resistance if you don’t have them. Keep extra batteries and adapter nearby.
    • The upright bike does not come with batteries or an AC adapter. They have to be bought separately.
    • Setting a tab on the media shelf blocks your view of the console.
    • It cannot be used for spinning workouts, as it is set for standing exercises. There are other exercise bikes in its price range perfect for your spinning exercises.
    • The workouts aren’t hard enough.
      The pedals become lose after some days after heavy workouts.
    • The LCD does not have a backlight.
    • It consumes battery charge very rapidly. You have to keep extra batteries close by.
    • The bike might be uncomfortable for those who have the weight limit specified for the bike.
    • The seat is not properly cushioned. Try to use small soft cushions on the seat for proper and comfy support.
    • The heart rate monitor at times gives inaccurate readings, so don’t fully rely on them.

    Using guide for Men

    • Always make sure your leg is kept bent on the pedals at a 5/10 degree angle. Hold the handlebar as tightly as possible. This is the proper way to sit on an upright exercise bike.
    • Don’t over exert yourself. Take breaks every once in a while.

    Using guide for Women

    • Try to warm up and cool down before any workout on this bike. This will help you avoid injuries.
    • Keep your back straight and centered on the bike always, otherwise, you may face leg or back pain later on.

    Frequently asked questions:

    Is the upright bike easily assemble-able?

    • Yes. The bike comes with an easy to follow manual or user guide. Assembling it is pretty easy.

    Does the display console have input options for weight, height, and age?

    • No, it does not have input options for weight, height, and age.

    Is the bike neck adjustable?

    • No. Only the handlebars are adjustable on this upright exercise bike.

    Does it come with a fan?

    • No. The Schwinn A10 upright exercise bike does not come with any fan.

    How long should you ride an exercise bike?

    • Use the bike, not more than 150 minutes a week. A 15-20 minute break between workouts on this bike is perfect for you. Don’t stress yourself.

    What is the switch and compartment in the back of the console for?

    • The compartment is for batteries and the switch is to power on the console. This is in case you don’t have an AC adapter for power.

    What are the Schwinn A10 upright bikes dimensions?

    • The Schwinn A10 has a length of 27.5 inches, a width of 19 inches and a height of 50 inches.

    What is the Schwinn A10’s weight limit?

    • The bikes weight limit is 275lbs.

    Is it a gym only upright bike?

    • No, it can be used at home gym or anywhere you want.

    What are the speakers for?

    • The speakers are for plugging in any music device like iPods, mp3 players or music players.

    Can you pedal backward? Will the resistance work in this case?

    • Yes, you can pedal backward. Yes, resistance works in this case.

    Final Verdict on the Schwinn A10 upright exercise bike

    The Schwinn A10 upright exercise bike is an affordable exercise bike with hefty features. The Pre-set programs that come with the bike give you challenging workout sessions.

    The 7 workout programs are motivating as well. The bike has decent resistance, but not for those who want to perform spinning exercises. There are many comfort issues with this bike, like seat position or having no fan. But, these are minor issues, as the overall bike quality is astounding and not cheap at all.

    Schwinn A10 upright bike is a good exercise bike for exercisers who don’t want to buy an expensive exercise bike for working out. It also saves you a lot of room space at home or in the gym.

    It is a sure shot winner from other entry-level bikes at its price range. In the Schwinn A10 upright bike reviews, we try to provide all important issues of the bike. We believe it is the best upright exercise bike.

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