Best Indoor Bike Trainer Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide 2017

The best indoor bike trainer is necessary to know because it helps train indoors on your own bike. This type of bike trainers is different from the usual bikes. However, there is a reason behind using this type of bike cycle. There are many people or maybe you would like to avoid gym machine to improve your fitness. So if you want the same and wish to improve your speed or stamina on your own bike then you should consider indoor cycling bikes for once. They'll allow you to build your own home gym and train in all weathers.

What is the best indoor bike trainer under 500 dollars?

There are many indoor bike trainers are available in the market. But among them choose the best one is a task full of difficulties.

If you have to hit a specific one then you can consider Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike as your first choice.

Because there are dozens of good, reasons to think about this awesome bike trainer. Let’s know about the details below-

Noise Free Indoor Cycle

Identically Sunny indoor cycling bike features a chain drive mechanism. Do you hear about this before? Well, if not then listen this is the most dependable and smoothest operating mechanism for indoor cycling system in the world. This ensures it’ll create the least noise while cycling.

Extremely Comfortable

The model offers an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars. Because of this, you’ll get the opportunity to adapt them to your own build and height. Besides, the handlebars have a generous and thick padding. Even it will be a great support for easy grip whenever your hands will be sweaty. At the same time, the heavy-duty steel frame and crank will add an essential quality and durability.

Heart of Sunny Pro Indoor Cycle

Yeah, the robust 40 lb chromed solid flywheel is the heart of Sunny Pro Indoor Cycle. In effect, it mimics the smooth resistant exactly as the usual traditional outdoor bikes provide. Further, it has a convenient tension knob. You can switch up the intensity of your workout, increase or decrease the resistance. For this reason, your workout will remain effective and challenging throughout your fitness session.

Comfortable Leather Padded Seat

Sunny health and fitness indoor cycling bike come with fully adjustable leather padded seats. You can move them forward, backward, up and down. In the middle section of the handlebars, this has a nice area where you can put your favorite book or tablet during your long workout.

Easy Assembly and Installation

Assembling the rest of the bike and put all the tools together will not take more than half an hour. You’ll also find it arrive with a principal structure and the flywheels that already joined together. So just, follow the manual and do as the instruction said and this is all you need to do.

Frequently Asked Question (Including Customers)

  • Question: Does the bike have clip in pedals?
  • Answer: No, it comes with clipless type. But if you want you can mount clip pedals just like a regular bike.
  • Question: How noisy is this bike?
  • Answer: The bike is hardly noise at all.
  • Question: Can I stand and ride hard on this bike?
  • Answer: Yes, you can. The bike is very sturdy.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Before buy, it’s good to know what are the different types of exercise bikes. Only then, it will be easier for you to hit the best bike trainer.

Upright Exercise Bikes

This is mostly like regular bikes. As it designed alike traditional bicycles so you get the option of riding one standing upright. This will certainly fit with your style and lifestyle if you more intend to enjoy a regular outdoor bicycle.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

This specially designed to provide additional back support for your exercise. In particular, this comes with a larger seat and backrest. Moreover, it helps workout your lower body parts.

Dual Action Exercise Bikes

If you are looking for an exercise bike including full body, the workout you should consider this type of bikes. Because of this allows a full body workout to your upper body and lower body as well.

Indoor Cycling Exercise Bikes

Most of the local gyms used this type of bike. In effect, you’ll get the most intense workout from this type of exercise bike.

Interactive Exercise Bikes

This exercise bike used the latest technology to enhance the health benefits delivered by your workouts. Even more, it has built-in music players, DVD players, docking stations, television and computer screens also.

How to Use Indoor Bike Trainer

At first, find a space where you can leave the majority of your indoor training equipment set up, TV and everything so you’ll not feel bored. In the same way, keep all the gear near at your hand. For example, your cycling trainer, front wheel block, phone book, single or double fan, bar stool, Towels, TV or VCD player.

Besides this, set up your bike trainer in a place where from you can watch the training videos, sporting events easily. After this place, the bar stool next to your bike. So you’ll get a convenient place to put your water bottle, remote etc. Your fan should also place in front of you. So you’ll get the air as much as possible on your skin.

How to Buy an Exercise Bike

There are few things need to consider before buying the best indoor bike trainer. In this addition, the weight of your indoor cycle is a matter of fact. Because of stability is one of the most important aspects of exercise. Another thing is the noise you have to check on.

Remember the harder you pedal, the louder the noise. So you should have a less noised indoor bike. Indeed your bike’s mechanics should cover in so that it can ensure safety. As well, children can’t get their fingers in.


There are different kinds of indoor bike trainers in the market. But you have to buy the one that will fulfill all you expect. If you are thinking what are the best indoor bike trainer, then I would like to suggest using Pro Indoor Cycling Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness – SF-B901. In this case, this is for all serious cyclists to regular users. I hope this will also suit for you.

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