LifeFitnessBike.Com is one of the great platforms for Guest Post. We are looking for expert writer write for us who is able to submit articles as Guest Blogger.

Write For Us: How do you post as a guest blogger?

Here are some terms and condition that will be obeyed by you. Otherwise, we don’t approve any content. To submit a guest post you have to follow the rules below.

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Guest post guideline:

  • All the content length minimum 1000 words.
  • You can’t publish any copy/plagiarized content that already published elsewhere in online.
  • Your content should be well Structured/Written, Grammarly/Spell error Free.
  • No product reviews content. Adult, Fiction, Pills, Books, DVD related content are not allowed.
  • We only accept Health, Fitness, Exercise, Recourse, Workout Tips, How To types content.
  • You have to post content with an awesome, eye-catching, copyright free HD Photos and Infographics. One for feature image and One for Body. Body image should be for Pinterest responsive.
  • Find some viral content and make them Search Engine Optimized.
  • Target a low competitive keyword.
  • Try to maintain some internal linking strategy. We allow One  external link to your blog.
  • No Affiliate link. Include relevant topic resource blog URL only.

How to make an awesome SEO friendly article?

  • All the articles must be 100% unique.
  • Article length 1000-2500 words.
  • Must provide right and latest information.
  • Try to make your sentences short and easy to read.
  • Every sentence should not more than 15-18 words.
  • Try to make a paragraph within 4-5 lines.
  • Use focus keyword only three times in article (1st/2nd line in 1st paragraph (as meta description), Subtitle
  • (H2 tag), Conclusion) and make them bold/Italic.
  • Use all the LSI keyword with focus keyword as supporting, Subtitle (h2, h3, h4).
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing.
  • Make an awesome structure each article and give the eye-catching title (with focus keyword).
  • Make your article native English language.
  • Don’t force any keyword in your articles try to make more natural.

I look forward hearing from you! If you think you have something then let us know on the Contact Us page!

N.B: Must fill subject  “Guest Post”